Under the Radar Junior Preps to look for in July

Under the Radar Junior Preps to look for in July



Preston Cook 6’2 2018 Auburn High School

D1Spects- Cook is an very athletic shooting guard who can leap out the gym. During the showcase Cook displayed his athleticism, ability to run the lanes, and his defensive presence under the rim. He has a long body frame that allows him to defend around the perimeter and play the 4 and 5 positions under the rim. Has good open court speed and strength. Very fun to watch!

Improvements- Cook struggled with his ball handling and scoring from the perimeter. If Cook is going to be a division one player he is going to have to improve his ball handling and shooting. Most of his points came from underneath the basket and at the next level, that is not good enough for a 6’2 two guard. Cook has to expand his game.

Rating- Division One Prospect
Schools of Interest- N/A





Makenon Heath 5’8 2018 Troup County High School

D1Spects- Heath displayed that he has the ability to beat defenders off the dribble and score over bigger defenders. Heath has a very quick first step and no fear when facing and scoring over bigger defenders. His competitiveness attitude and drive is what makes Heath a better PG then other prospects in his class. Heath has the strength to finish plays under duress and is a good volume scorer. Averages 15 ppg and 5 assist.

Improvements- Heath needs to slow the game down and control the pace as a point guard. Needs to improve his basketball IQ and limit his turnovers. Also needs to develop a “floater” and more consistency with his three point and mid range shooting ability.

Rating- Lower Division One/ Division II Prospect

Schools of Interest- N/A



Willie Murray 6’0 G 2019 Risley Middle School

D1Spects- Murray showcased his defense tenacity and his never stop working attitude. Murray is not afraid to dive on the ground for loose balls, rebound over bigger defenders, and do the little things on the court coaches love. On defense, Murray is very active and caused turnovers by frustrating his opponents. Good lateral quickness and on offense Murray displayed that he can knock down the long range shots when needed.

Improvements- Needs to develop a go-to move and become more aggressive on the offensive end. Has to be able to beat defenders off the dribble or learn how to effectively use screens when the ball is not in his hands. Needs to improve his scoring off ball.

Rating- Division II Prospect

Schools of Interest- N/A

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