Double Trouble Training becomes Atlanta’s premier AAU Program

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Double Trouble Training becomes Atlanta’s premier AAU Program

Atlanta– Starting a travel basketball team in Atlanta is one thing, but building a basketball powerhouse from nothing is far from ordinary, it’s legendary.  Two twin brothers, Charles and Michael Pack whose basketball careers were cut short due to knee injuries while playing for  Gordon State College decided they wanted to stay
close to the game of basketball by training kids in the Atlanta area.


However, simply training the kids wasn’t good enough for the Pack brothers when they started noticing that their kids weren’t getting the opportunities they needed playing for other teams and coaches.   


Charles Pack stated, “The kids were nice but weren’t being put in the right situations which defeated the purpose of the training we provided them.”


In 2016, the Pack brothers decided to start their first team, and in their second year, the program generated three different teams. Fast forward to 2020, Double Trouble is now sitting at twelve teams, but it isn’t their growth that is catching national attention. It’s their style of play, and alumni they have developed who have dominated the national circuit, that has all eyes on them.


Charles Pack humbly stated, “We just wanted to create a program that gives the kids the best opportunities for them to succeed. The kids have bought into our teaching and they are consistent with their training and it is showing in their development.”


With names like Brandon Boston Jr (Kentucky Commit, pictured below), Kyle Sturdivant (Georgia Tech), Jordan Goldwire (Duke), Sion James (Tulane), and Joseph Toppin (Georgia State), Double Trouble’s alumni alone allow the program to be mentioned with not only Atlanta’s best AAU teams but the Nation’s Top EYBL teams. 





While Double Trouble is rising through the ranks with basketball, their program is built to teach their kids how to be better men off the court. 


Charles Pack explains, “Everything stems from relationships, we connect with the kids because we are young enough for them to relate to us, but old enough to gain their respect. We teach them about life outside of basketball.  The game teaches you how to stay focus, how to get the job done no matter what. We just change their thinking habits and allow them to learn from bad choices. We always preach to them to do the right thing from the heart, and how important God is. And no matter what they may be going through, to help other people with a pure heart. That is the message across the board”


As for the foundation of their program, Pack believes Double Trouble has become successful so quickly because of there, “take no days off”, attitude.  




Charles proudly states, “We push each other to be the best, we challenge each other daily in life to be the best.  We aim to look good wherever we go, that’s why we have the best gear and apparel.  Everything is done at a Five-Star Elite Level at Double Trouble no matter what. 


While this season may have had a hick-up with the Covid-19 pandemic, Double Trouble has not lost a step. To keep the kids engaged and active on their training while in quarantine, the Pack brothers worked twice as hard to keep them in the look.


Charles explained, “The kids we have in our database, we send them different workouts throughout the week. Some of the workouts, develop their upper body strength and some of the workouts focused on their ball-handling skills.  We have an Instagram group chat and we keep them motivated by sending them daily messages of what they need to be working on, no days off no matter what.”


This season look for Justin Mitchell, Michael Pace, Robert Dixon, and Ty Harper to be added to that list of legendary alumni.  Mitchell, Pace, and Dixon had a fantastic showcase at the Georgia Basketball Association National Hoops Series, and Jameel Rideout, Chad Moodie, Aaron Jones, and David Giddens are sure to make the season fun to watch this summer. Caleb Blackwell, Mansir Williamson, and Jaden Harris will all have the college coaches swarming over them as the year progresses.  


Although the program may look like they have a couple of sponsors with their stars and great looking gear, Double Trouble is self-funded. The program trains out of Johns Creek Mount Pisgah Christian School, Norcross High School, Lifetime Fitness, and International Sports Academy. Although self-funded, the program is in talks with Nike and their future looks bright as one of Atlanta’s premier AAU programs. However, Charles Pack isn’t satisfied with just being good. 


He stated, “I feel like we are starting to make a little bit of noise, but we haven’t touched the surface.  Our potential has upside, I believe we should be top 10 in the nation every year. We work hard every day, we watch the film, go to bed late and wake up and do it again. Everything is coming together, we should have earned our ticket to the EYBL circuit”


As for the teams on the EYBL circuit who they may have to face in the upcoming months, Pack simply stated, 


“We coming for their heads and their neck and that’s the most humble way, to let you know.”


For more information regarding Double Trouble follow them on Instagram @DoubleTroubleTraining   email, or (678) 457-1760

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