COVID-19 Update

/COVID-19 Update
COVID-19 Update 2020-06-16T22:27:09+00:00

A COVID Responsible Event -Safety First

Building Entry Procedure

  • Each event participants whether player or spectator will be vetted the following way:
  • Temperature will be taken before entry Qualifying questionnaire (Have you been affected by COVID, do you have symptoms )
  • Lien waivers must be signed
  • Tickets for entry must be purchased online or via cash app … no money will be exchanged at the door. Must be done prior to entering the building
  • Each event staff member will be vetted prior to entry
  • CDC Guidelines will be in adhered too.

Spectator Seating

  • We will adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • Bleacher seating will be marked , patrons must use marked areas only
  • Chairs will be provided 6 ft apart and must not be moved
  • A standing only area will be provided with marked positions

Game Play

  • All Game balls will be wiped down with germ sanitizing solutions prior to warm ups
  • Each benches will be sanitized prior to each game
  • Bleacher will be sanitized prior to each game.
  • Pre-determine seating and standing areas will be identified prior to the events start. We will only allow up to 100 spectators per field