Converse Elite TOA Top Stand Out Guards

Converse Elite TOA Top Stand Out Guards











Jaquan Lampton 5’10 Northside high 2019 16 points

Converse TOA- Lampton was one of the quickest guards at the tournament. Has a very quick first step and in a blink of an eye he is already at the basket. Good ball handling and can push tempo. Averages 16 ppg

Improvements- Lampton has the ability to get to the basket at anytime but is very limited with his left hand. Has to learn body control and develop upper body strength. Most of Lampton’s points came off the fast break or layups, he has to develop a consistent long range and mid range jump shot.

Rating- Lower Division I, Division II Prospect
Schools of Interest- N/A


Kion Brown 5’8 Lanier high school 2018

ConverseTOA- Brown was lights out behind the arc and showcased his ability to run the offense, push the tempo, and when his team needed a big basket, Brown stepped up and hit the shots. Good on ball defender. Needs to improve his ability to create shots for himself.

Improvements- ball handling in traffic, strength, and explosiveness. Needs to be more aggressive with the basketball.

Rating- Division II Prospect
Schools of interest- N/A


James Clark 6’0 Lagrange high school 2017

ConverseTOA- Clark showcased his all around scoring game and defense at the tournament. Has the ability to hit long range shots and get to the basketball. Good athletic built and very tough player. Silent assassin but deadly if left untouched. Averages 16 ppg.

Improvements- Needs to be more aggressive with the basketball and work on his off ball scoring. Although Clark has the size and speed to be a good defender he was caught sleeping on defense. Needs to improve his consistency with his jump shot. Needs to improve his decision making on the basketball court. Made a habit of careless turnovers.

Rating- Division II prospect
Schools of Interest- N/A



Kevin Marcell 5’7 Southside High School

ConverseTOA- Marcell showcased his long range and jump shooting abilities. Understands how to run the lane and find his spots on the basketball court. Has a consistent shooting motion and plays good team defense. Good speed in the open court and good rebounder.

Improvements- Needs to be a better ball handler in traffic and create shots for himself. Sometimes Marcell will fall in love with the jump shot and forget the other aspects to the game. Has to become a better scorer under duress.

Rating- Division II prospect
Schools of Interest- N/A



Marquez Tidwell 6’3 TRI CITIES 2016

ConverseTOA- Tidwell showcased that he understands how to use his long 6’3 body frame to play the defensive lanes and has the ability to get into the lane. Very solid rebounder and has good timing on his rebounds for offensive put backs. Good athleticism and protects the rim on defense.

Improvements- Needs to improve his three point shooting and lateral quickness for smaller opponents.

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