Converse Elite TOA Top Forwards and Bigs

Converse Elite TOA Top Forwards and Bigs


Chris Rogers 2016 SF 6’5 Tri Cities

ConverseTOA- Rogers was spectacular, showcasing his all around game. Rogers showcased that he can use his body frame to post up smaller defenders underneath the basket, and hit the long range shot. Good speed in the open court and solid rebounder. Averaged 16 ppg and 12 rebounds. One of the better versatile players. Has the strength to finish plays under duress.

Improvements- Rogers needs to improve his ball-handling and explosiveness. Needs to work on his lateral quickness, had trouble guarding smaller opponents. Needs to become more aggressive scoring the basketball.

Rating- Lower Division I, Division II prospect
Schools of interest- N/A


big man quick

Drayton Cooley 6’1 Lagrange High School 2017

Converse TOA- Cooley was one of the best hustle and defensive players in the tournament. Solid rebounder down low and has a nifty game to him. Cooley has decent handles and great court vision. Also during the tournament Cooley showcased his soft touch when passing the ball. Has a high motor and never stops working on the basketball court.

Improvements- Cooley has to become a better scorer down-low. When in position to score, Cooley looked to pass the ball instead of going up strong. Has to improve his pick and roll situation game and develop an offensive scoring game.

Rating- Division II Prospect
Schools of Interest- N/A




Bryant Bowers 6’3 Jackson Central Merry 2018

ConverseTOA- Bowers was a defensive and rebounding machine during the weekend. Bowers overpowered opponents and always had a nose for the ball. Averaged 10 points and 10 rebounds, and his motor is always running. Bower has good strength, timing, and awareness on both ends of the court.

Improvements- Footwork in the post and become a better scorer.

Rating- Division II prospect, lower Division I

Schools of interest- N/A



Brandon Harris 6’1 F Stem Academy At Bartlett 2020

Harris Averaged 14 ppg and 8 rebounds while shoacasing his ability to score in the post and defend the basket. One of the better prospects in the 2020 class and has a huge upside with his basketball frame. Good speed in the open court.

Improvements- Ballhandling is a must for Harris, and eventually he is going to have to develop an outside game and extend his attack to the wing position. Has to be better in pick and roll situations. Needs to improve his jump shot.



Carlton Tippens 6’4 Kipp atlanta collegiate SF 2016

ConverseTOA- Tippens was very athletic in the post and defending the rim. Good speed in the open court and very tough. Tippens is not shy when it comes to contact and usually wins in most cases. Averages 14 ppg and 7 blocks

Improvements- Tippens has to improve his rebounding and position himself to make plays for his team. Has to improve his ball handling and passing. Also needs to improve his mid range jump shot.

Rating- Division II prospect
Schools of Interest- N/A



Carlton Sims 6’5 ,South Atlanta high school 18 ppg and 12 boards 2018

ConverseTOA- Carlton frustrated opponents with his body frame and offensive game. Sims is a patient scorer and will put up points in bunches. Averages 18 ppg and 12 rebounds. Sims is always working and finding ways to help his team. Good footwork underneath the rim and has the ability to create shots off the dribble. Finishes plays under duress.

Improvements- Sims has to be more reliable on defense. Has a knack for careless fouls.

Rating- Division I Prospect

Schools of Interest- N/A

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