Super 100 Jr Up coming players and jr Varsity top Big men








Detarrius Clayton Rocks spring Elementary 5th grade (Game Elite)


D1Spects- Clayton displayed his fearlessness and drive during the Nike Super 100. One of the bigger guards and established his understanding on defense downlow. Sparky shooter and displayed his ability to get to the basket off the dribble. Has good court vision and is very unselfish with the basketball. May be one of the better guards in the state.  Huge ceiling.





Trenton Smith Shoal Creek Elementary 5th grade (Gametime Elite)


D1Spects- Trenton displayed his skill set in the paint and his ability to run the lanes during the Nike Super 100. Smith also showcased his ability to rebound the basketball and successfully ignite the fastbreak.   Has good speed in the open court and awareness to run the lane. One of the better inside players in the Jr level.

Jr Varsity Top Centers from Best Academy.




Jamon Reed Clay Chalkville High 6”0 2021

D1Spects- Reed was a huge factor rebounding the basketball. Plays well around the rim and used a few good “big boy” moves in the pant. Reed has the ability to play the wing and the power forward position.  Reed has a huge upside and ceiling due to his body frame.

Improvements- Reed needs to improve his passing as a big man and his ball handling skills to be more of a dynamic wing.  Has to improve his explosiveness and strength to finish plays down low.



Ceione Reaves 6’o Spainpark 2021


D1Spects- Reaves was very active around the rim for easy put backs and rebounds.  Reaves was solid defensively for the Storm and was the one-two punch of their twin towers.  Has a good strength and was able to finish plays.

Improvments- Reaves must improve his all around offensive game including adding a 15ft jumpshot. Has to imporve his ball handling skills.



Antwon ferguson 6’0 2020 Northridge Middle School

D1Spects- During the Super 100 Ferguson demonstrated his strength downlow and his abilty to rebound and do the dirty work down low. Ferguson was effective in pick and roll situations and playing team defense.   Very solid body frame.


Improvements- Ferguson is relying to much on his size and not his skill set. Has to extend his game and become more of a threat with a jump shot . Also must improve his explosiveness. 


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