Converse Elite Invitational Top High School Scorers

Converse Elite Invitational Top High School Scorers










Al Durham Jr 6’5 Berkmark Hs 2017

Converse Elite Invitational – During the weekend Al Durham Jr showcased why he is regarded as one of the best prospects in the country. Very active down low and has the ability to create off the dribble or post up smaller players. Has a nice range with his mid range jump shot and when needed he can come off the pick and knock down the three ball. Nice basketball body frame, wing span, length, and speed to be a monster on-ball defensively. Averages 19 ppg and 18 rebounds.

Improvements- We did not see much of Durham’s explosiveness around the rim and may need to improve his strength for his body to take the hits he will take driving strong to the rim.

Rating- Division One Prospect

Schools of Interest – USF, Georgia,Houston and Virginia Tech have offered.



Anthony Holmes 6’2 clay-Chalkville 2017 

Converse Elite Invitational – Holmes showcased his ability to score off the dribble drive, and was outstanding with his jump shot during the weekend. Very consistent from behind the arc and was strong on ball defensively. Holmes has a high running motor and is not afraid to play big against taller defenders. Played even better under duress. Very under rated guard. Very active rebounding the ball. Was named tournament MVP for averaging 20 ppg and being the most outstanding players.

Improvements- Holmes played outstanding over the weekend. His only knock is ball handling in traffic and scoring without the basketball.

Rating Division I, Lower Division II,

Schools of Interest- N/A




Devonta Willis 5’10 Northside Highschool

Converse Elite- Willis was one of the toughest players at the Converse Elite Invitational. Plays with a chip on his shoulder and plays hard to the buzzer. Willis showcased his ability to score from anywhere on the court, especially over bigger defenders in the lane. Plays hard nose defense and is very scrappy. You will want this kid in your fox hole. Averaged 22.1 ppg and plays with a lot of heart!

Improvements- Jump shot needs more consistency.

Rating- Division II prospect. May  need a year of JUCO to develop.

Schools of interest- N/A


JaDon Davis 6’1 Stockbridge HS 2016

Converse Elite Invitational- Davis showcased his ability to score in many different ways throughout the weekend. He has the ability to put the ball on the floor and beat defenders off the dribble, or create space and shoot off the pick. Averaged 20 ppg and was the go-to guy for the Upward Stars. Very unorthodox with his approach to the game. Volume shooter from the three point range.

Improvements- Needs to improve his lateral quickness and on ball defense. Was beat a few times by smaller defenders.

Rating- Division II Prospect.

Schools of Interest- N/A


Jordan Lewis 6’0 Eagles landing high school 2016

Converse Elite Invitational- Lewis showcased his speed and quickness. He was relentless with his attack on the baseline and in a blink of an eye Lewis is at the basket, Has the ability to break down defenders and is very good slashing to basket.

Improvements- Lewis had no problems getting to the basket but he had trouble finishing plays under duress. Needs to develop upper body strength to finish tough plays. Also develop more consistency with his jump shot.

Rating- Division II Prospect

Schools of Interest- N/A

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